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The Lord of the Universe , also known as the Universe Lord and the LotU is the 5/5/5 version of a supermonkey. First, you must be at round 65 or higher.. Players will not need to micromanage Sentry Paragon otherwise. The Sentry Paragon deals the most damage out of all other Engineer Monkeys, though players can still deal a good amount of damage with other tier's if they are blessed by the RNG gods. When it comes to cross pathing a Sentry Paragon , players will most likely want to pick Path 3. Create your OWN BTD6 mod using assembly hacking methods and code. Note that all subsequent IMF loans after the first will only grant 5,000 cash per debt, since half of the 10,000 is going to pay back your first loan. The Super Monkey is a tower in the Bloons Tower Defense franchise. Can't reach this page. Welcome to 1330 Studios!. How to always get a max paragon degree in btd6 youtube level 100 boomerang we did it : r/btd6 getting the (check description mythbusting what is real of paragons ? and 1 vs dart (bloons td 6). Apex Plasma Master is the Paragon upgrade of the Dart Monkey that was added to Bloons TD 6 in Version 27.0.
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